Friday, 3 July 2009


I sometimes forget about blogging here! I hope everyone is keeping well and happy. I wish I could say the same for me, now with a confirmed aortic valve stenosis. My great Aunt writes me, "What happens if you do not have the open heart surgery?" I am too weak for it, and well, my answer is we are all on God's time schedule anyway, right? My granddaughter, my greatest joy, we are lucky to see her once a month for a day, but just two weekends ago we got a wonderful surprise when we were expecting only Ava, and Mommy and Daddy came with her. Of course it rained all weekend so Ava's first pool party at Grammy's was cancelled. Now our little neighbour, Rylan, has moved to Fort McMurray on the other side of Canada, so even if we have another one later on, she cannot come now. RYLAN, YOU ARE MISSED, DEAR! I have not been able to stitch, and have many projects I need and want to do. I have one I have to do a second time (I wonder where my strength will come from) because the Canada Post lost three parcels, all international airmail, and mailed the same day before Christmas, 2007. It becomes very expensive to have to do it all again, when it was over $100 to send them! It sounds very suspicious "from within" to even their Customer Service as it is very discouraging to me! I am excited that Lucy will be sending me my Round Robin soon... it will be the most exciting day of all when it arrives (a very pleasant thought today)! HUGS TO ALL!

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  • SEASON - Spring (YIPPEEE! No more winter!)
  • SONG FOR AVA - How Wonderful Life is with You in the World
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  • T.V. SHOW - DOWNTON ABBEY! Lark Rise to Candleford, Poldark

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