Tuesday, 12 April 2011

What a Day it was!

Up really early to travel to our youngest daughter and only granddaughter for a day long visit today, it was a wonderful... except for two things: Ava got her first THREE vaccination shots today and asked for Grammy to be with her in the doctor's office (HORRIFIC to watch, and I don't think Grammy is at all brave, compared to little three year old Ava)! You really did deserve a badge of courage, honeybunch! The second was goodbyes which are NEVER easy, even for me I must say. Ava wanted to come home with Grammy, obvious to me now that it is something both of us long for, but dependent on Mommy and Grampy's approval. I thought I was trying to ease the situation, saying "but Grammy's girl isn't packed, dear" and off she flew upstairs and in less than a minute, was back with her little three year old arms full with as many clothes as she could grab up, "READY" she said, stuffing everything into her wee Disney princess suitcase. I respect Mommy's desire to watch for any reaction to the needles she got, so we left it that when Grampy has Monday to Thursday off next week (a rare thing!), Mommy and Ava can come visit at Grammy and Grumpy Grampy's house together... we'll see about that, but "I" am hoping, wishing, praying, dreaming!

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MY FAVOURITES (Sometimes Less is More):

  • ACTOR - Colin Firth, Dustin Hoffman, Richard Dreyfuss
  • ACTRESS - Shirley Temple, Doris Day, Drew Barrymore
  • ALBUM - Luis Miguel's ROMANCES (en Español!)
  • ANIMAL - Hudson, horses
  • AUTHORS - Hesba Stretton, Grace Livingston Hill, Beverly Lewis, Jane Austen, Max Lucado
  • BOOKS - Jessica's First Prayer, A Birds' Christmas Carol, Mary Jones' Bible, IDEALS Publications
  • CHILDREN'S ILLUSTRATOR - Mabel Lucie Attwell, Beatrix Potter (I may be related!)
  • COLLECTS - Kaleidoscopes, Paper Dolls, Postcards, Seashells
  • COLOR - Pink!
  • COUNTRY - everything MEXICO! food, hospitality, art, embroidery, music, dance
  • DRINK - flavored Ahmad of London's Tea
  • FLOWER - Bougainvillea (Mexican memories), Trillium (memories of "home" in Ontario)
  • FOOD - International Cuisine, Smogasbords
  • OCCASION - Mother's Day, Easter
  • PERFUME - Givenchy III
  • POETS - Edgar A. Guest, Ruth Bell Graham, Helen Steiner Rice
  • RESTAURANT - The Olive Garden
  • SEASON - Spring (YIPPEEE! No more winter!)
  • SONG FOR AVA - How Wonderful Life is with You in the World
  • SPORT - Figure Skating, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Synchronized Swimming
  • T.V. SHOW - DOWNTON ABBEY! Lark Rise to Candleford, Poldark

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